Friday, April 22, 2011

The amazing Sydney Laurence Theatre... Wowza!

Hi everybody!

Allison writing...  Last night was our first show here in Anchorage of the NEW and revised "Time Immemorial".  It went amazingly well.  We have a fantastic dream crew of people, helping us make it happen.  Janet Stoneburner is our stage manager, and she is too phenomenal and fantastic for words.  Ed Bourgeois is handling the light board, and his energy is so good to be around, he's just wonderful and the lights were right on...  Klaus is doing sound, and he designed the lights, and he is a lighting genius.  Wendy manages the PAC stages, and her energy is also so wonderful, so awesome to have near.  The ushers and house manager last night were amazing.

Thanks everyone who has made this happen, especially big thanks to Jack Dalton!  The set Jack designed is really beautiful.  It looks great in the space.

Now, I want to thank the space itself.  The actual space.  The Sydney Laurence Theatre.  I'm not sure who designed you, who built you, when you were built, how old you are, but you - Sydney Laurence Theatre space, are amazing.

The acoustics in the space are soooooo good, it just makes the show POP!  We don't need to force our projection of our voices as much, so we are allowed to have a lot more variation in the levels of our voices for different effect.    I can't overemphasize how freeing this is, as being an actor.

This space is fancy.  It rocks.  I LOVE performing in it!

I hope that if you have seen the show, that you know that the show has changed significantly since two years ago.  New scenes, new set, new lights, new sounds, and it is tighter!

I hope you see it!  No, we won't be bringing it back at a later time.  This is it!  See you there!


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