Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back in the city after being in Nome and Kotzebue

Hello everyone,

Allison here.  I'm writing this post from the Anchorage Airport.  I'm waiting for my ride, after a five day journey with Jack to Nome and Kotzebue to perform "Time Immemorial".

I still feel the freshness of the Arctic on my skin, my soul still feels open, after spending time out on the ice, looking at the beautiful countryside of Nome and Kotzebue.  I am marked by the land and the people of the land.

We got to spend more time in Nome than we did in Kotzebue.  I left Kotzebue today, wanting to stay at least another day.  And my heart yearned to travel on a small plane to Point Hope.  It was hard being so close to my friends and family in Point Hope and not being able to go and "say hi".

Yet, I did see folks from Point Hope in the Kotzebue airport, which was good.

Something about me changes when I get back to the Arctic.  I become more of who I am.   This trip was the first time "Time Immemorial" had been performed in a rural community, an Iñupiaq community.  It was an amazing gift, to be able to present to the people of the land, to the people who live in the Arctic.
It was incredibly meaningful and the performances were amazing.

I got to visit friends and family in both places.  Everything came together in a good way, and the communities really rallied around us and our performance - to make it happen.  I felt really loved and supported and they appreciated our piece and message.

Thanks to Richard and also Josie Stiles of the Nome Arts Council, and to all of the Nome Arts Council for supporting us and hosting us in Nome.  Josie Stiles is really the hostess with the mostess.  Thanks so much for the people who came out and saw the show, and to Matthew at the radio station for such an amazing interview and for hosting us as well.  Thanks also to Katie Stiles, who did amazing last minute audio tech for the show, and for Richard for tech'ing the lights.  And to everyone else who helped.

Thanks to Siikauraq, the Mayor, for hosting us in Kotzebue.  She was phenomenal in getting us and the show up and running in less than six hours after landing in Kotzebue. She rallied support and she made us feel so welcomed and supported on our stay there. Every need was met with such amazing grace and style.  Thanks to our amazing technicians who did a great job with the lights and sound, and to everyone who helped with the show.  It turned out so well.

I am back in Anchorage inspired and refreshed, renewed and filled with hope.  I got to interact personally - face to face - with leaders in the communities, and they are so passionate and committed to the health of our peoples.  They care, and it was inspiring to be around.  It was the shot in the arm that I needed to keep on track.  Thank you.

I'm still processing the incredible-ness of this trip.  I'll post more thoughts soon.

Love!  Allison

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  1. Allison! Thank you so much for coming out to the Nome Beltz High School Gymnasium and putting on a show for our NYO crew. You added so much to our day, and to the event.

    Joni Earp Coach Nome NYO