Friday, April 8, 2011

The Old Toy Store and Walking the Line

Hi Everyone,

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I'm exhausted and about to sleep after a great opening night.  It was a good show, an odd show, as it seems the lines from the script seemed to jumble themselves into thin air, and the emotions of the scene became fresh again.  Each and every scene, felt new.

Perhaps because I remember when the Empress Theatre used to be the Old Toy Store, way long long ago, when I was a kid.  Today, I walked down the back stairs of the theatre to go to the bathroom, and a RUSH of memories flooded through me, remembering when I walked down those same stairs as a young six year old Allison, going downstairs to the shoe store from the toy store.

Perhaps that is why so many of the scenes felt emotionally infused tonight, with freshness and intensity.  The audience laughed, they cried.  They were affected and they loved it.

When I return to Anchorage, and for folks in Fairbanks, or anywhere, we both need friends to be on book so that we can run our lines together, or apart.  I imagine a friend in Anchorage, meeting me for lunch, and they hold the script, with me reciting lines.

I appreciated the show tonight, even though it felt like we were walking "the line".  Walking the lines, walking in between the lines, walking around the lines, finding new emotions within the lines.

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