Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mountains of Tears

Hello everybody,

Allison Warden writing.  I am writing from a cafe in Fairbanks, sitting with a couple of friends, as my laundry washes itself in a machine down the road a bit.  Today, I forced myself to sleep in a bit.  I have this habit of waking up bright and early, and usually I stay awake and keep moving, as part of my day.

Today, I allowed for a bit of a rest, as this show, producing the tour, and being away from home and Cody is wearing on me.  Yet, I am strong.

As intensely funny the show is, there are also some intense emotional moments that happen on stage.  So, today, out of the blue, I was an Allison CryBall.  Nothing too serious or intense, just a wash of tears, thinking about the show, and the impact and just crying just to cry.

We've done two shows now, and two more to go here in Fairbanks.  Then, we are back in Anchorage for two days, then leave to perform in Nome and Kotzebue, and then back in Anchorage for the week of the run of our show at the Sydney Laurence Theatre.

Being near friends who are my family is grounding me, as I prepare for a show tonight and a show tomorrow.  Being in Fairbanks is grounding me, as I remember my origins, growing up here in Fairbanks, playing here as a young child.

This show has a way of weaving a healing thread through people who are touched by it... It also weaves a healing thread through the performers/writers/tour organizers.   I am taking that thread today, and realizing how beautiful it is, this healing thread, this opportunity to lean towards releasing and healing, of breathing and letting go.

Send us good thoughts, as we do this hard work of sharing this show.  Send love.

And.... please get your tickets in advance for Anchorage.   Love!

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